• Infographics: A killer homemade nutella

    Okay, so this definitely isn’t a health food but with a French man in this household we needed to try a healthier version of nutella… also one that doesn’t use palm oil, contributing to deforestation! What’s the deal with palm oil, you ask? Well, check out this this article (among many!), which reminds us that in 2012 things have gotten even worse than the headlines from 2007/2008, when the huge ecological impact of Indonesia’s relentlessly expanding palm oil plantations first really started being scrutinised. A report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences tells us that the palm oil situation is even worse than we thought. The nutshell version: Even though Indonesia has laws prohibiting expanding…

  • Infographics: Sprouting

    We almost always have something sitting on our bench sprouting away! Here is a small infographic we did up about sprouting: There are many methods of sprouting – you can buy a special sprouter, use a clay sprouter, a special jar with a mesh screw on lid, or keep it simple like we do by reusing a glass jar and attaching a piece of tule with a rubber band. 🙂 The process is really very easy! It’s just a matter of firstly soaking the seeds (see the appropriate time for the specific seed below), then keeping them moist by rinsing them often to avoid mould and exposing them to sunlight…

  • Infographics: how to make coconut milk at home

    We are so happy with how our homemade coconut milk turns out. While we can get fresh coconuts we won’t buy the canned stuff anymore! This is what we discovered through this process: one coconut = 400mL coconut water, 1L coconut milk and lots (maybe 1kg) of coconut pulp!! 🙂 Also, we are pretty lucky here to get such a range of food. Did you know that Bolivia contains 40% of ALL animal and plant life in the world (called biological diversity or biodiversity). Its tropical rainforests and Pantanal Wetlands are some of the most biologically abundant ecosystems in the world. … Read the rest

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