• Brie à la Carly and Jean!

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  • How to make brie cheese at home

    Recently we’ve been making a fair bit of brie cheese.  We’ve been using the Cleopatra’s raw cow’s milk (including the cream on top!).   4L makes 3 good size brie cheese wheels. We simply heat the milk up to 32°C in a big sterilised pot, add in a mesophilic starter (the culture – a couple of grains), the penicillum candidum (this is the white mould that grows on the outside – a couple of grains) and the rennet (1/4 teaspoon mixed in just less than 1 tablespoon water), stirring in an 8 shape for around 2 minutes.  Then we leave it, off the heat, for around 45 minutes.  (note: please check…

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