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It aims is to highlight thought-provoking pieces of information without commenting them – well we’ll try refraining commenting at least. You on the contrary, are welcome to tell us what you think about them!

  • Have you ever heard of ‘undercover marketing’?

    Imagine that you are walking along an out-of-the-way trail in a national park. A group of young hikers is standing at the side of the trail talking to one another in loud, excited voices. You cannot help but overhear them. “They would be talking about the great backpack they are wearing,” says Jonathon Ressler, CEO of marketing firm Big Fat, “how [with other backpacks] your back hurts after you hike 84,000 miles… [but] with this backpack it has a special da-da-da-da… it’s really comfortable. Boom,” says Ressler, they “have just delivered the message” to you – and you have no idea that you were just pitched a product by a…

  • Five daunting climate change scenarios

    The UNFPA 2009 State of the World Population report recalls that “Walter Kälin, Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, has identified five climate change scenarios, each of which has a different impact on the pace or scale of migration or displacement: • Hydro-meteorological disasters, including extreme weather events such as hurricanes, flooding and mudslides, which may lead to sudden-onset displacement. • Environmental degradation, including desertification, water scarcity and soil exhaustion, which may result in gradual migration or displacement. • Losses in state territory, including erosion and coastal flooding resulting from rising sea levels. Persons living in low-lying coastal areas and the so-called “sinking” small island developing states, such as the Maldives, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, will be most affected by this scenario. It may…

  • ‘Burn the Koran’ day… what?!

    You’ve probably heard that  Terry Jones, an American pastor, vows to hold a national Koran burning event (see here) to mark the 9/11 events. Although he aims at tackling radical Islam, he doesn’t seem to notice that, by doing so, he doesn’t service tolerance and peace in the world – nor christian ideals! As if a pastor – even if heading the so-called ‘Dove World Outreach Centre’ – planning to burn the Koran was not an extremist himself.… Read the rest

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