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This blog is authored by Carly (female, 39) and Jean (male, 40). It aims at helping us frame and articulate our ideas on topics of interests, including societal, environmental, international and more questions, in order to, ultimately, allow us to construct an ecosophical approach to life.

What does ecosophy mean then? A contraction of ‘ecology’ and ‘philosophy’, it has been defined differently. It is here taken as a comprehensive  and meaningful framework to every aspect of our life, and that is respectful of the wider environment, whether human or natural. It doesn’t need to be absolute or holistic – coherence in diversity is good too! To find out more about ecosophy, please visit this post.

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Carly has worked as engineer in the private sector until leaving the sector a decade ago. She has taken some time off to be able to transition towards a way of life that allows her (and our two children) to live veritably in accordance to her/our values. This explains – among other reasons – why she’s moved gradually towards permaculture. Carly also runs a photography website that you can check out here. Jean is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at an Australian university. Prior to this, he completed a PhD in International Relations in 2011 and has been working as a humanitarian aid worker. He has been involved in emergency projects in numerous complex environments, including Afghanistan, DR Congo, Iraq, North Korea, Haiti, Yemen, etc…

After a couple of ‘transition’ years, filled with travels, volunteering experiences, learning curves and fun, we moved to La Paz, Bolivia, for two years where Jean’s work had taken us. We then moved to Australia where we settled in northern New South Wales, in a special place to connect with, learn from and grow some roots after many years of fulfilling travel.

We try to live our lives with authenticity, integrity, compassion and love – with a strong emphasis on curiosity, learning, keeping an open mind, not identifying our thoughts too strongly with our identity and redefining success to encompass diverse qualities, skills and passions across all of society. Practically, just some techniques which work for us are meditation, practicing gratitude, reconnecting with nature through permaculture & eco-building and nourishing ourselves & others through fun, open, loving communication – especially with healthy, nutritious food to share!

You’ll notice that we cover many topics, including meditation, gratitude, health and nutrition, recipes, permaculture, eco-building, society, ecology, economy and finance, international, aid and development, personal development and making things. One of the reasons we cover such diverse topics is because we really feel greater depth through linking of subjects rather than becoming too obsessed with any one subject. Of course, sometimes our interests and research lead us down one path for a while which provides the complexities and subtleties we need to be properly informed but we always try to link it within other areas in life to make sense of it completely and not become too narrow in our thinking. One of the reasons we cover such diverse topics on this blog is because we really feel greater depth through linking of subjects. We value diversity, new ideas and creating new connections between old ideas. If you think about it in a Permaculture sense, this linking builds resiliency, diversity and hence stability.

That’s why we value your contribution also! The more people we engage with, the more shared opinions, experiences & knowledge and therefore the more connections we can all make! So, thank you! Naturally, we hope you get something out of it too, so that, together, we make sense of things.

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