“Facing our future” – When art meets science

Last month was the opening for my first ever public artwork, showcased on the Southern Cross University’s videowall in Lismore. Named ‘Facing our Future’, the video overlays quotes from climate scientists and climate change experts with satellite images of the Earth.

The quotes are extracts of interviews conducted by me as part of a research project called ‘Living safely in a world of climate change’, which seeks to understand what measures climate change experts personally implement to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change on their own lives and on the lives of their (grand-)children. The satellite images originate from Geoscience Australia and the National Computational Infrastructure and were selected and transformed by A/Professor Grayson Cooke.

I invite you to watch the whole video below but note that it’s 11 minutes long, and was designed specifically for that videowall, which is two-story high and has no sound. Still, many watchers have told me how mesmerizing the video is.

“Facing our Future” is a work designed for the 16-screen “Discovery Wall” videowall on Southern Cross University Lismore campus, produced by Grayson Cooke and Jean S. Renouf.

To me, the prime purpose of this video is to share awareness about climate change, and offer guidance to take action. If you liked the video, can you please share it further?

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