Life’s changing: we are settling in Australia

Jean and I are lucky we found each other. We have so much love that sometimes I wonder how it could possibly last. In November we’ll be counting 6 years of a surprising and beautiful journey together. I still remember the day we met. My heart fluttered and my knees nearly gave way. I had never been one  of those girls so the feelings surprised me. I convinced myself that none of it was real and it was all in my head so I spent the remaining weekend of that meditation course avoiding him. Little did I know that he had just changed the course of my life. This wonderfully supportive, kind, intelligent, patient man has filled me with a deep, committed love I didn’t know was possible. He encouraged me to leave a career that felt unfulfilling and compromising of my values. He has always believed in me.


Wherever we are, we find joy in our shared life together. Our values and love grow through experiences, travel and self development. Jean is gifted with positivity that shines even through lack of sleep, stretched finances and stressful moments. He has a love and confidence in life that inspires and intrigues me. On the contrary, I feel I am often fighting internal battles about my appearance, money, future and relationships. I wish I wasn’t like this. I try to accept. I practice gratitude. I remind myself to observe. I try to stop the self judgment. I know I’m not unique – so many of you feel the same way and it seems to be the human condition. I’m happy I learn and grow. There’s always room to improve.


Lately we’ve been searching for roots. After living in Bolivia and so many years moving, we are both aching to invest our ideas, creativity and energy into a special place we can be connected to for a long time. This is such an exciting change for us but a worrying one too. After staying with friends and family for a few months we have found ourselves in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia. We are looking for somewhere to rent, to put our things, to make our home while we search for land to fulfil a project, a life goal and connection in this special place. In between phone calls, house visits and research we explore. We wander sun drenched beaches, the winterly winds hardly cold to us at all. Our eyes drink in the wide landscapes of rolling hills stretching out to white beaches and bright blue ocean. Our hearts connect to the street music, small towns and like minded people in the region. Today we were so excited to see a pod of dolphins playing in the waves alongside surfers… then, an eagle glided by with a fish wriggling in its claws. “I love this country!” Jean exclaimed. We are finding our place, I thought. I need to be patient.

Then my mind starts wondering about what I will do here. What can I offer? How can I make a living? Jean reminds me to be confident in life and lists my qualities and skills. I wish I believed in them as much as he does. I want to grow food, connect with nature and people, create, share, teach, learn, photograph, paint, ferment…

…and so our life changes again… thank you for joining our journey and stay tuned for this next chapter in our lives…


Photos thanks to Elaine Santana.



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