Infographics: A killer homemade nutella

Okay, so this definitely isn’t a health food but with a French man in this household we needed to try a healthier version of nutella… also one that doesn’t use palm oil, contributing to deforestation!

What’s the deal with palm oil, you ask? Well, check out this this article (among many!), which reminds us that in 2012 things have gotten even worse than the headlines from 2007/2008, when the huge ecological impact of Indonesia’s relentlessly expanding palm oil plantations first really started being scrutinised. A report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences tells us that the palm oil situation is even worse than we thought. The nutshell version: Even though Indonesia has laws prohibiting expanding of plantations into forests growing on peat (which stores massive amounts of carbon below ground, in addition to the significant amounts stored above), these laws just aren’t enforced with rigor. The report says that currently about two-thirds of all forest outside of protected areas is leased to palm oil companies. At the present rate of expansion, by 2020 one-third of that land will be plantation and intact forest will shrink to just 4% of land cover. Yes, 4%. By this time, the study says, 90% of the emissions from palm oil plantations will come from those planted on cleared forest growing in peaty soils. Here’s the research: Committed carbon emissions, deforestation, and community land conversion from oil palm plantation expansion in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Here’s some product info about nutella from wikipedia: According to the product label, the main ingredients of are sugar (50%) and vegetable oils (mostly palm oil), followed by hazelnut, cocoa solids, and skimmed milk. In the United States, nutella contains soy products. It’s is marketed as “hazelnut cream” in many countries. Under Italian law, it cannot be labeled as a chocolate cream, as it does not meet minimum cocoa solids concentration criteria. About half of the calories in nutella come from fat (11 g in a 37 g serving, or 99 kcal out of 200 kcal) and about 40% of the calories come from sugar (20 g, 80 kcal).

The below recipe gives a lovely creamy texture… quick and simple to make too! We had some on ice cream tonight (simple frozen banana, blended) but I’m pretty sure Jean’s going to be wanting it on crepes this weekend! Or next time we have guests we could heat it up for dipping in fresh strawberries… mmmm… from a health perspective, it’s still definitely a treat 🙂


  • Karen Wilkie

    Do you refrigerate this? I’ve just made it, and was wondering how long it will keep and where you would store it.


    Making Sense of Things Reply:

    I refrigerate mine 🙂


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