• Infographics: Sprouting

    We almost always have something sitting on our bench sprouting away! Here is a small infographic we did up about sprouting: There are many methods of sprouting – you can buy a special sprouter, use a clay sprouter, a special jar with a mesh screw on lid, or keep it simple like we do by reusing a glass jar and attaching a piece of tule with a rubber band. 🙂 The process is really very easy! It’s just a matter of firstly soaking the seeds (see the appropriate time for the specific seed below), then keeping them moist by rinsing them often to avoid mould and exposing them to sunlight…

  • How to stay grateful in adversity

    You might remember our post on practicing gratitude... but wonder to yourself, ‘how do I stay feeling grateful when bad things are happening?’ Well, honestly, in the past I haven’t been that good at seeing positives during times of stress. My emotions tend to overtake me and then much later, when all has calmed down I try to reflect on how I could have handled things better. However, last night I realised that I’ve come a long way in the past few years. Let me explain… I took this photo at around 530am this morning as the sun was coming up and the moon was disappearing. I couldn’t sleep because my…

  • Infographics: how to make coconut milk at home

    We are so happy with how our homemade coconut milk turns out. While we can get fresh coconuts we won’t buy the canned stuff anymore! This is what we discovered through this process: one coconut = 400mL coconut water, 1L coconut milk and lots (maybe 1kg) of coconut pulp!! 🙂 Also, we are pretty lucky here to get such a range of food. Did you know that Bolivia contains 40% of ALL animal and plant life in the world (called biological diversity or biodiversity). Its tropical rainforests and Pantanal Wetlands are some of the most biologically abundant ecosystems in the world. … Read the rest

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