How to make kefir labneh balls at home

This is just a short post to share a simple idea and another way to eat your kefir… kefir labneh balls.

First, make your kefir cheese like we described in this post.

Then, take teaspoons full of the cheese, roll them in your hand and put them in a jar with olive oil and whatever else you want.

We added rosemary and juniper berries in this lot (*see update below). Et voila! How easy and beautiful do they look? I think it’s also a great gift idea. 🙂


*Update: I did put rosemary and juniper berries in this lot but since doing this one I haven’t done it again… putting herbs in oil can create a perfect environment for botulism.



  • Goran


    I made kefir labneh balls according to you site’s instruction (from how to make kefir at home on), yet clearly something went wrong. Already in the evening I could see small air bubbles forming around the kefir balls and the pressure started building up, pushing oil out of the container.
    The next morning all of the kefir balls have disintegrated, forming one large kefir mass and pushed out almost 1/2 cup of oil. It looks like the kefir kept on fermenting, building up pressure and the consequent air bubbles broke apart the kefir balls.

    Have you ever encountered this and could tell me what I did wrong? Thank you in advance.


    Making Sense of Things Reply:

    That’s so interesting, Goran! I’ve never ever had that happen to me so I’m trying to think about what could have happened… how dry was your cheese when you rolled it into balls? I normally strain mine through muslin/cheesecloth for a couple of days to get it dry enough to roll into balls…


    Goran Reply:

    I strained the kefir that was some 36 hours in the making, for about 30 hours in the fridge. When I was forming the labneh balls all seemed fine and they formed perfectly.

    Judging from your reply I guess I should have strained longer. Will try so with my next attempt. Would adding a bit of salt help to inhibit further fermentation as well?

    Thank you for your reply.


  • Janine

    Hi, I have had a similar problem. I made the Labneh (strained for 24 hours) and the balls lasted in the olive oil for about 2 days in the fridge before the oil started getting cloudy. the next day the balls had disintegrated into a mush. I will make another batch and try straining it longer, maybe adding some pressure will help too.


    Making Sense of Things Reply:

    Hi Janine… putting olive oil in the fridge will do that. From what I’ve read you don’t need to put these in the fridge. I also wouldn’t pressure can them as I believe it’s not safe to pressure can oil?


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