Contest! Guess who are these smallest-eggs-ever from?… There is a prize for the winner!

Check this out – our flatmate just found these eggs behind the books on her shelf.

To give you a better idea of the size, we’ve added a 50 cents coin by their side…

So what kind of eggs do you think these are?… Leave us your answer in the comments, and we’ll offer a surprise to the first who provides us with the right answer 🙂

Come back in few days to get the answer!…


We have a winner here! In addition to the comments visible hereunder, we’ve also received a number of emails – but all provided wrong answers though. So the correct answer is given by Kimmie, who rightly guessed that the tiny eggs you see in the picture are gecko eggs. Kimmie, we are happy to announce that you’ve won kefir grains, so that you can now make your own kefir at home! We’ll contact you privately to arrange the logistics, meanwhile, congratulations!

One of the many geckos that inhabit our kitchen's ceilingOne of the many geckos that hunt on our kitchen’s ceilings


We woke up one morning and had the good surprise to see that the eggs had hatched… Unfortunately, we didn’t see it happening as it occurred during the night, but the broken eggs are still pretty cute…



So, what do you think?

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