• Homemade Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Check out the goodies we made as gifts for Christmas! Click on a photograph to read the tag better 🙂 Leave This Blank:Leave This Blank Too:Do Not Change This:Your email: … Read the rest

  • Harvesting our Garden

    We often forget to take photos to share what we harvest from our organic garden with you, but below are a few from our recent harvests. We’ve been making delicious fresh pesto from all our herbs – rosemary, sage, chives, parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, mint… Baba ghanoush and moussaka from our aubergine… tomato sauce from home grown tomatoes, capsicum, aubergine and spinach… croutons from our fresh homemade bread, brushed in olive oil and fresh herbs from the garden… our green beans, courgettes and Asian greens go in anything from salads to stir fries to lentil soups… our lettuces, spinach and shallots make beautiful crispy salads… and many, many more dishes… We shouldn’t…

  • How to make brie cheese at home

    Recently we’ve been making a fair bit of brie cheese.  We’ve been using the Cleopatra’s raw cow’s milk (including the cream on top!).   4L makes 3 good size brie cheese wheels. We simply heat the milk up to 32°C in a big sterilised pot, add in a mesophilic starter (the culture – a couple of grains), the penicillum candidum (this is the white mould that grows on the outside – a couple of grains) and the rennet (1/4 teaspoon mixed in just less than 1 tablespoon water), stirring in an 8 shape for around 2 minutes.  Then we leave it, off the heat, for around 45 minutes.  (note: please check…

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