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  • 7 September 2010 - How worried should we be about everyday chemicals?

    This is the sub-title of a recent New Yorker article called ‘The plastic panic’. Certainly worth the read if you are interested in your health…

    In few words and for the lazy ones, the article argues that we are not completely sure about how plastic materials (water bottles, feeding-bottles, toys, etc) actually harm human beings (and nature…) but that we should definitely be cautious about it. However and given the possible effects that are detrimental to our health, I’m wondering whether we should be over-zealous and already ban – or minimize – the use of plastic in our daily life. Or am I getting paranoid here?…… Read the rest

  • 7 September 2010 - Feel free to openly carry your gun

    Do you know ‘‘? It describes itself as “a pro-gun Internet community focused on the right to openly carry properly holstered handguns in daily American life.” The following pictures are self-explanatory:

    As the website states: “Anthropologist Charles Springwood sums it up nicely when he commented that open carriers are trying to “naturalize the presence of guns, which means that guns become ordinary, omnipresent, and expected. Over time, the gun becomes a symbol of ordinary personhood.” Scary.… Read the rest

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