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  • 11 February 2014 - Bolivian Story: Gabriela Rebeca Santa Cruz

    We met Rebeca the same night as Pablo, at Red Monkey, the only vegan vegetarian restaurant in La Paz. Rebeca was behind the bar mixing unusual cocktails that combine typically Bolivian ingredients like huacataya and locoto with fresh juices and of course, alcohol. When I turned up at Red Monkey for my first day volunteering in the kitchen Rebeca showed me around their food production garden, which is her baby and love. As we talked it became clear to me that she was feeling overwhelmed as the only person working in the garden, so I suggested I come one day a week to help out. It wasn’t a completely selfless offer, I have to admit. As much as I was loving our indoor apartment garden, I was missing gardening outdoors and craving sharing that experience with someone too… and so it started, our weekly gardening day together … Read the rest

  • 5 February 2014 - Bolivian Story: Pablo Santa Cruz

    We first met Pablo in his restaurant, Red Monkey. Within weeks of it opening we were there – eager to try some healthy, vegan food in this city of meat and fries! Looking down the menu I was impressed to see kombucha listed and gave a little shriek. I thought we were the only ones in La Paz to be making kombucha :).  Pablo came over to our table, curious about my enthusiasm, and before long I was sharing our culinary images from Making Sense Of Things and Pablo had invited me to do a ‘guest chef’ evening there. Whilst I haven’t had the confidence to take up his offer, I did start volunteering regularly in their kitchen, learning from them and sharing my recipes too (my sourdough bread has been particularly popular!). I remember my first day there I felt like a ball of stress as I made … Read the rest

  • 4 September 2012 - How to stay grateful in adversity

    You might remember our post on practicing gratitude... but wonder to yourself, ‘how do I stay feeling grateful when bad things are happening?’

    Well, honestly, in the past I haven’t been that good at seeing positives during times of stress. My emotions tend to overtake me and then much later, when all has calmed down I try to reflect on how I could have handled things better. However, last night I realised that I’ve come a long way in the past few years.

    Let me explain… I took this photo at around 530am this morning as the sun was coming up and the moon was disappearing. I couldn’t sleep because my body was still pumping with adrenalin.

    At 330am I was woken by our downstairs neighbour because the pipe under our sink had burst, flooded our flat (the water was above my ankles!) and was coming through her ceiling.… Read the rest

  • 28 February 2012 - Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow

    Recently I stumbled upon and this has inspired me to start reflecting on my day for the things I’m grateful for. Hailey from 365Grateful was told by her life coach (a nun) that the secret to happiness was all about reflection and gratitude. Check out the inspiring little clip below.

    The way Hailey reflected was to take photographs every day. I have also been taking photos of some of the every day moments and things that I’m grateful for… they are beautiful reminders!! When I look back on them I feel grateful all over again. 🙂 I’ve included some of them throughout this post for you to see.

    As you may have seen from Jean’s recent post, we both meditate, try to increase our awareness and presence in our lives. This little gratitude exercise has really helped us on that path. We believe that inner work is … Read the rest

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