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  • 12 January 2011 - Harvesting during a flood

    As we described in our first ‘harvest’ post, we want to share more photos from our garden with you.

    At the moment our city is flooding severely. People are evacuating, packing up their things, thousands of homes have been filled with water and some have even lost their lives. On our side, we are lucky as we are on high ground. Many people have been “panic buying” supplies in preparation for isolation and lack of transport. Our CSA (community supported agriculture – see this post for information about CSAs), Food Connect, are having difficulty delivering fruit and vegetable boxes as their drivers can’t get through flooded roads. We have bought some fresh provisions we could carry from a nearby store (we don’t have a car) but we already have loads of grains, pasta, lentils and the like in our home to feel secure. Not to mention small gifts from … Read the rest

  • 10 January 2011 - Harvesting our garden despite the rain

    As we described in our last ‘harvest’ post, we often forget to take photos of our harvests from our organic garden to show you. Lately it has been raining a lot so we haven’t been able to get into the garden to work on it and plant new vegetables. Additionally, the lack of sun and constant pools of water have had a significant impact on our plants.

    Despite this we were lucky enough to harvest some sweet potatoes (with a few holes in them!) and aubergines (still a bit small) and we are very grateful they have survived. Tonight will be roast sweet potato and aubergine salad with fresh homemade yoghurt dressing… mmmm… keep an eye out for our coming post on how to make yoghurt at home!

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