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  • 18 October 2010 - Story Time – The Story of Soil continued

    Hopefully you will remember a previous post on the Story of Soil which describes how agricultural practices have evolved to today’s dependency on fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

    Today I have a few follow up topics about this partially thanks to your contributions.  The first is regarding the debate on whether organic can feed the world, the second is regarding oxygenating soil and the third is about learning from the past.

    Can organic feed the world?

    According to this article (and my own views), yes organic can feed the world but we need to change how we eat and farm.  Last week Australian television held a debate about organic food, raising questions like ‘how is organic certified/defined?’, ‘why is organic more expensive?’, ‘what are farmers supposed to do when plagued by a pest?’, etc.  These are all very valid questions with a lot of emotional responses but I’d like … Read the rest

  • 9 September 2010 - Why aren’t you composting?

    According to around 60% of the rubbish Australians put in their everyday garbage bin (destined for landfill) could actually be composted.

    So why don’t more people compost? This isn’t a new idea… Are they unsure how to compost? Don’t they realise the benefits? Or maybe they don’t know the negatives? Or are they just too lazy? Or maybe they think they don’t have the space?


    Here are just a few of the benefits of composting:

    • Reduces landfill which also means reduced methane production. Did you know that when our waste is buried without air it doesn’t breakdown? It actually creates a large amount of methane which contributes to our total greenhouse gas emmissions!
    • Is a fertiliser for your garden.
    • Keeps soil cool in summer and warm in winter.
    • Helps aerate compacted soils.
    • … and much more…

    There are so many ways to compost.  Here are just 4:

    Try … Read the rest

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