Infographics: how to make coconut milk at home

Posted on 01 September 2012

We are so happy with how our homemade coconut milk turns out. While we can get fresh coconuts we won’t buy the canned stuff anymore! This is what we discovered through this process: one coconut = 400mL coconut water, 1L coconut milk and lots (maybe 1kg) of coconut pulp!! 🙂

Also, we are pretty lucky here to get such a range of food. Did you know that Bolivia contains 40% of ALL animal and plant life in the world (called biological diversity or biodiversity). Its tropical rainforests and Pantanal Wetlands are some of the most biologically abundant ecosystems in the world.

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  • stefani says:

    How smart you are to avoid long term poisons! How lucky you are to be in such an amazingly rich country for the biodiversity! Wish modern urban comfort and huge concerns will not intrude like in Brazil.
    Your pictures mean bon appétit! Wonderful!


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