Neoliberalism? I’m tired of this shit. Let’s push for a systemic economic change

Posted on 16 September 2010

A friend of mine sent me yesterday a very very interesting document, titled Manifesto on Global Economic Transitions. Published in September 2007 by the International Forum on Globalization, it had foreseen the need for a systemic change even before the (latest) GFC (global financial crisis). In opposition to the current unsustainable neoliberal dogma, it rightly argues that “less and local” are the way forward. Indeed, in light of the current resource depletion and destruction, climate change, financial crisis, socio-economic inequalities, and societies which overarching values are driven by profit rather than well-being, we need a systemic economic change – along a systemic change in our values, but that’s another story. So, if you too understand all too well that the neoliberal doctrine is in its deathbed, you’ll be thrilled to read that the authors of the Manifesto push for “Economies of Ecological Sustainability, Equity, Sufficiency and Peace”. Sustainability, what else? 🙂

As you know, we are no pros when it comes to economy, so your perspective will be valued. Have a look at the Manifesto, and tell us what you think then: it is credible? Or even doable?

For those who don't know, Tesco is a major UK retailer... Thanks Banksy!

UPDATE: incidentally, I’ve just stumbled upon a new and similar initiative launched by French “appalled economists”. So if you read French, I encourage you to check their newly created blog and manifesto.

2nd UPDATE: the idea of changing economic systems is definitely in the air. If interested, I also encourage you to check-out the following report, released by the New Economic Foundation think tank. Well worth the read.

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